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Hoppy Craftsmen - Arizona Craft Beer Podcast

All things craft beer, including Arizona and National news, reviews, and drinking some brews. Hosted by Chris Sanback, Jeff Breckon, and Nate Libby along with a rotating cast of guests. They love craft beer and all things craft beer related. Sometimes things happen in the craft beer industry they agree with and others not so much. But don't worry they are not shy, they'll speak their minds and let you know. All the while enjoying some of their favorite beers.  

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Music Credit: Takotsubo Men

The assorted sounds of three ageing humans hitting things in a studio for five days. Beautifully nasty and pretty vile at times but ultimately gorgeous. Enjoy!

Intro: Skint But Free Outro: Takotsubo Man

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Nov 29, 2017

(NSFW) This episode we drive all the way down to Tombstone, Arizona.  Now normally you’d think, “ah, Tombstone brewing, this should be good!”  But it’s actually so much better.  John Rowley from Rowley Farmhouse Ales hit us up, said he was a fan of the show and was going to be in Tombstone for a collab.  After a...

Nov 15, 2017

(NSFW) This episode finds us once again in Tucson AZ talking to Mike Mallozzi and Landon Swanson of Borderlands Brewing.  Borderlands was celebrating and serving an amazing pineapple IPA that they brewed for Girls Pint Out, and we found ourselves hosted at the amazing Tap & Bottle tasting room.  We had another awesome...

Nov 1, 2017

(NSFW) This episode finds The Hoppy Craftsmen down a man.  Nate sits this episode out, but lo and behold our favorite, stalker/blogger/kidnapee Arrwoooo (a.k.a. Ed Gomez) fills in with a guest appearance.  Join us as we sit down and talk with Matt Trethewey one of the owner/founders of The Beer Research Institute.  Had...