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Hoppy Craftsmen - Arizona Craft Beer Podcast

All things craft beer, including Arizona and National news, reviews, and drinking some brews. Hosted by Chris Sanback, Jeff Breckon, and Nate Libby along with a rotating cast of guests. They love craft beer and all things craft beer related. Sometimes things happen in the craft beer industry they agree with and others not so much. But don't worry they are not shy, they'll speak their minds and let you know. All the while enjoying some of their favorite beers.  

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Music Credit: Takotsubo Men

The assorted sounds of three ageing humans hitting things in a studio for five days. Beautifully nasty and pretty vile at times but ultimately gorgeous. Enjoy!

Intro: Skint But Free Outro: Takotsubo Man

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Feb 28, 2018

New Brew Review is a bi-weekly bonus podcast.  Each episode a new reviewer from the world of craft beer will try a new brew they have never had before and share what they think of it with you in a bonus podcast. As the reviewer should be trying a new beer, and recording at the same time we hope to capture a very...

Feb 21, 2018

(NSFW) Join us as we stumble around and talk to some amazing brewers and festival goers alike! This year's Strong Beer festival out did itself like it has every year since we first started attending back in.... yeah it was a while ago. But, we said it before and we'll say it again #beerpeoplearethebestpeople Sadly, once...

Feb 14, 2018

(NSFW) What happens when two podcasts team up and collaborate on dual podcasts? Chaos, pure chaos! Or pure listening gold, however you want to take it. Mike from Pacific Beer Chat was down in the Valley and wanted to talk beer and share some gems from the Pacific Northwest. We talk Strange Fellows Brewing and some of...

Feb 7, 2018

(NSFW) This week the guy’s head back to The Wandering Tortoise! We catch up with Justin and a get to meet a few other members of the Tortoise family, Sheldon and Sam. We treat them all to a dose of the rapid round, during which Todd from Arizona Wilderness joins in on the fun. Then Justin and Sam jump right...