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Hoppy Craftsmen - Craft Beer Podcast

All things craft beer, including Arizona and National news, reviews, and drinking some brews. Hosted by Chris Sanback, and Nate Libby along with a rotating cast of guests. They love craft beer and all things craft beer related. Sometimes things happen in the craft beer industry they agree with and others not so much. But don't worry they are not shy, they'll speak their minds and let you know. All the while enjoying some of their favorite beers.
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Jun 14, 2017

(NSFW) This week’s episode finds the Craftsmen sitting down with Drew and Luke from Wren House Brewing. We talk Wren House’s two year anniversary festivities (happening now) including rare bottling releases, unique tappings and special swag. They bust out a rare bottle of NOJO to share with the guys, give us samples of the Wren House/Pueblo Vida/Tombstone collab that’s chock full of hoppy goodness and killer bee honey. Come listen to us talk about other future collabs on the horizon, the Saguaro Society, amazing barrel aging stories and offerings, kettle souring and literally not quitting your day job to own and operate a brewery.

Guest Information

Wren House Brewing

2125 N 24th Street
Phoenix AZ 85008

(602) 244-9184




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